ATLAS updates and support

ATLAS updates and support

ATLAS is our online system for practitioners to lodge and track legal aid applications. All applications for grants of legal assistance, extensions of assistance and claims must be submitted via ALTAS.

ATLAS outage

ATLAS will be unavailable from 6 pm Friday 31 July through to 9 am Monday 3 August due to an upgrade. No access will be provided during this time.

Changes to the 'Simplified Process – Indictable Crime – Trial' template

From 31 July 2015, the 'Simplified Process – Indictable Crime – Trial' template will be updated to reflect the requirement that practitioners must only brief a barrister on the Criminal Trial Preferred Barrister List, unless an exception is granted in advance.

The updated template will require practitioners to indicate who they intend to brief for the criminal trial and allow practitioners to request an exception to brief a barrister/s who is not on the Criminal Trial Preferred Barrister List. 

Exceptions to briefing a preferred barrister will not be granted for major criminal trial (a criminal trial that is likely to last more than 15 days). 

Note: transitional arrangements apply from 31 July 2015 to 30 September 2015. 

For further information, please see:

Refusal of trial grants

Any applications for a trial grant will no longer be automatically refused on means. All applications and extensions for trial where the applicant is ineligible on means will come to us for a further assessment.

Introduction of sentence fee

Where a matter resolves to a summary jurisdiction a sentence fee of $259 for the Magistrates' Court is claimable as per Table E.

We have introduced a sentence fee of $259 which is claimable when a committal hearing resolves as a plea in the Magistrates’ Court and the sentence is heard on another day other than the plea hearing day.

Plea fees after trial

We have previously provided a fee of $887 (County Court) and $1208 (Supreme Court) for plea hearings after trial.

We have now introduced a day 1 fee and subsequent day fee. For example if a plea is heard after a trial in the County Court, counsel will be able to claim:

  • $887 for the first day of the plea hearing
  • $514 for any subsequent days of a plea hearing.

We have provided for two subsequent day fees to be claimed in ATLAS.

Interpreter fees

We have increased the maximum interpreter fees claimable from $570 to $1710.

ATLAS training sessions available

If you need to learn how to use ATLAS or want to refresh your skills, see ATLAS training.

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