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Rewind robo-debt

During the pandemic a fair and trustworthy social security system is essential

With record numbers of people accessing social security due to COVID-19, it’s essential that the lessons arising from the failure of Centrelink’s robo-debt scheme are learned. Read the essential changes we propose for a fairer and smarter social security system.

Challenging Centrelink’s robo-debt system

The robo-debt system has caused severe hardship for many people. It has caused people to repay money they do not owe and undermined trust in our social security system. We’ve been instrumental in challenging the unlawful and unfair aspects of the scheme and continue to advocate for a fairer, more accurate system that people can trust.  

A national disability insurance scheme that meets people’s needs

We believe in the potential of the NDIS to deliver choice and control to people living with disability. But we also see that when the NDIS is not working as it should, there are devastating consequences for people, their families and communities. We’re working towards an NDIS that ensures people receive the supports and services they need to live well and independently in the community.

Care Not Custody – children in state care deserve a bright future

Young people in state care are some of Victoria’s most vulnerable children. But too often they are charged with criminal offences for things that would never attract police attention in a family home and are overrepresented in the justice system. We need a new way forward to reduce the contact between these young people and the justice system.

Roads to recovery: building a better system for people experiencing mental health issues in Victoria

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve the way systems respond to people with mental health issues. The current approach is not working and, at times, is harmful. We are suggesting changes that will make it easier for people with mental health issues to receive the support they identify they need. 

A safe, accessible and inclusive family law system

We believe in a family law system which is safe and puts the best interests of children at the centre of all decisions. The system should be inclusive and easy to access for all who need to use it, but we know too many people can’t get help, or find the system confusing, expensive or intimidating.